Anime Roundtable #15

This week, anime and manga will see an increased profile in Japanese government cultural exchange, and more on the new EVA movies. Plus some public denials. Mike Nicolas, Neil Sinclair, Courteney St. John, James Austin. (1:06:25) Links of interest ANN article on changes in Japanese cultural promotion towards anime and manga CNN article on Japan…More

Anime Roundtable #14

Tonight we’ll talk about the pickup of Tekkon Kinkreet and the possible implications it may have(nothing bad actually), and then talk about anime pinup girls and guys over the decades. Gotta do something for Valentines Day. Mike Nicolas, Courteney St. John, James Austin, Angela Jordan. (1:04:58) Links of interest LA Times Article on the pick…More

Anime Roundtable #13

The Anime Channel coming soon to Canada. And the need for anime clubs in the future. With the ultimate question, is any of this worth it? A Murphy’s Law episode where if anything can go wrong… Mike Nicolas, James Austin, Clarissa Jewell, Angela Jordan. (0:58:16)   Links of interest CRTC documents on approval of Anime…More