Anime Roundtable #19

The regular season finale. Listen to Mike get his ass kicked talking about simultaneous releases, manga edit back-pedalling, lessons on Otakuology, and Pokemon. Then listen to him return the favour talking about Anime North, with an important announcement in tow, one that you will see coming right down Dixon Rd. Mike Nicolas, Neil Sinclair, Courteney…More

Anime Roundtable #18

Libre publishing in Japan issues a C&D, Bandai Visual announces simultaneous anime DVD release, and the declining Japanese Market. As the guys – and last names – return. Mike Nicolas, James Austin, Dean Colak, Clarissa Jewell. (1:05:50) Listen to it here, or download directly from the links below. Links of interest Libre statement on CPM…More

Anime Roundtable #17

The first Girls Only/White Day episode. Tonight we’ll talk about allure of Boys Love, food in anime, revisit Superflat, and mention our favourite shoujo titles. Courteney, Clarissa, Angela, Mel, and Carol… we’re not putting in our last names. (1:01:10) Listen to it here, or download directly from the links below. Links of interest Optional reading…More

Anime Roundtable #16

Angela’s week in Japan and some bullets (a fancy way to say headlines in brief), in the episode we were supposed to do last week if we weren’t snowed in. Note: If you’re using an iPod, iTunes, Quicktime, or a player compatible with Apple version MP4 (.m4a), the Enhanced version will have plenty of pictures.…More

Anime Roundtable Digest #1

A summery of licenses from the New York City Comic Con and a look back at the American Anime Awards. A new feature on the Roundtable, a short form episode… if you want to call 35 minutes short. Mike Nicolas, James Austin, Dean Colak. (0:35:25)  More