Thank you Comic Den!! Welcome to the new site!!

Late last night I decided to finally forward the domain into the blog. So to those of you coming that way, welcome to the new look site. As you can see, it is still very much under construction. We’ll be adding stuff as we go. But the first thing you should see below this…More

The Subscription Feeds

If you’ve noticed at the top of the sidebar, there’s now a link to subscribe to the show using whatever you like to use to “catch” podcasts. This is a new Feedburner link. Overall I find it okay and simple to maintain, but not quite what I am looking for. It only allows people to…More

Anime Roundtable Digest #3

The vacation is over. This time around we’ll talk about developments and licenses coming from Anime Boston, then we’ll try to predict the future in terms of licenses for the rest of the summer. All this in a big bite size of a digest. Mike Nicolas, James Austin, Dean Colak (59:30)  More

Blog Plans

Priority for today will be to upload Digest #3 and add entries for all of the past episodes this season. Things to do in the longterm: -remake the feeds, specifically to separate the iPod enhanced versions and the regular mp3 versions. -give writting access to the other show regulars. -general polishing up for visitors. -forwarding…More

Digest #3 to be recorded today.

Our first episode of any sort for the summer season, and in four weeks, will be taped a little later today. James Austin and Dean Colak are coming by later to tape a digest episode. Hopefully we’ll have it up this evening for you to listen.More

First Post. Work in Progress

Well I hope you guys can be patient with this. But here’s the first look at the show’s official blog. As soon as I can figure out how to use WordPress a little bit, we’ll start putting up older episodes. Please look forward to it. OkinaMore

Anime Roundtable Digest #2

A preview of the Spring/Summer ’07 anime season in Japan. All in under 30 minutes. Mike Nicolas, James Austin, Dean Colak. (0:28:45) Listen to it here, or download directly from the links below. Links of interest Dean’s Spring/Summer anime preview Random Curiosity Anime Blog  More