Thank you Comic Den!! Welcome to the new site!!

Late last night I decided to finally forward the domain into the blog. So to those of you coming that way, welcome to the new look site. As you can see, it is still very much under construction. We’ll be adding stuff as we go. But the first thing you should see below this post is the newest episode, Digest #3.

So my thanks go out to the Visser Brothers who run Comic Den in Mississauga and have maintained the archive site. They still actually host the show episodes themselves, and will continue to do so. If you still want to see the archive site (as it will still be maintained) click here. A link to their store site will be placed in the sidebar soon. We are very grateful for their continued support, and they will remain as the show’s flagship sponsor for the foreseeable future.  So we can continue to say that the Anime Roundtable will remain “…on the Comic”.

If you’re in Mississauga, visit them before they close up their retail operations on June 10th.

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