The Subscription Feeds

If you’ve noticed at the top of the sidebar, there’s now a link to subscribe to the show using whatever you like to use to “catch” podcasts. This is a new Feedburner link. Overall I find it okay and simple to maintain, but not quite what I am looking for. It only allows people to aggregate the mp3 versions of episodes, and not the iTunes/iPod enhanced versions. And it’ll only list the previous 12 episodes, and for the most part incomplete show notes.

To that end, the iTunes feed that has always been around on both the Comic Den’s archive site and on the iTunes Store, will be kept and added to the blog later today. The only problem is that it is more of a pain to maintain, so more often than not it’ll be the last thing updated. The big plus is that it’s far more detailed, will give you a complete listing of all episodes and show notes, and will give you access to both the mp3 and enhanced versions of the show.  The enhanced version is something we use a lot, so if you have iTunes or something that plays m4a (Apple mp4) files, this is worth downloading.

But here’s a question, iTunes users, do you want me to keep the mp3 versions on this feed? E-mail me to let us know.

Either way, you’ll also see the new episodes, with both version, right here on the blog as they come out too, and that’s not too hard to maintain.

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