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The rebound episode. More on live actions in relation to Viz, Maison Ikkoku, and Negima. Then Dean fires off a sniper shot of a bullet. Our second and final night from Anime North.

Mike Nicolas, Neil Sinclair, James Austin, Dean Colak. (64:45)

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I want to take an evening to recover from the weekend. I’ll edit the episodes Monday. Episode #22 (the good episode) will go up first by the end of Monday. Episode #21 somehow was salvaged a little bit. We were able to save the last segment, and we redid the rest explaining what happened earlier. This will go up later in the week.

For now though I want to relax. Settle in from a busy weekend. And sort through the stuff I got over the weekend.

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…but boy what a disaster it was. Where do I start. Not much of an audience (not a big deal), tried to use a speaker for the non existant audience (many issues there), and the few that were around wanted to actually sit amongst everyone doing the show, many distractions. And to top it all off, James’ microphone wasn’t put together properly and we found out towards the end that it was actually pointing the other way. Didn’t help that I wanted to do the recording differently for the audience enjoyment (you know the one I mentioned was almost non existant).

To use the old cliche, anything that could have gone wrong certainly did. Thank goodness one of Anime North’s programming heads came in to say some nice words at the very end there. But I think we can declare this episode a write off.

So because of that, I don’t think you want to actually hear how this went. And to be honest, a good chunk of it you can’t even hear because of the microphone issues. So I am really divided on putting this up at all, certainly not in its entirety. I may keep the last segment as a bonus though.

For episode 22, we’ll go back to the basics, and lay down the law.

This will be a nice lesson to add to the Podcasting 101 panel later…

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Got back sometime ago from Anime North to tie up loose ends.  Very happy I went, aside from checking on things, I got my badge in advance of the long lines later (although this was long too).  Just finished up all preparations for tonight (one or two more in the morning).  Now all we do is wait.

Once again, we’ll be in the Doubletree Terrace Friday and Saturday at 9pm.  Hope to see you there.  We’ll likely be taping longer episodes than the usual hour long shows.

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The owner of iMaid isn’t feeling too well today, so he asked that we postpone our interview with him until after Anime North.  Hopefully we’ll do the interview sometime next week and have it up not too long after.

Now off to the Anime North pre reg gathering.

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New layout

Ah you gotta love WordPress. At the click of a mouse you can change things drastically.

Don’t expect that creek picture you see above to stay, it’ll be replaced in a day or so by a new banner with the show’s logos. Angela is working on both a “primary mark” and a “secondary mark”. You’ll see them very soon. Until then…enjoy the calm creek.

*Update: The first of the new banners has now been added. Comic Den and I dubbed it “Have Podcast, Will Travel.”.

A big thanks to Angela Jordan for this. On top of that, I’d like to introduce her now as a co-administrator and the first of our new contributors to the blog. A link to her page on devianART has now been added to the sidebar as well.  Check her stuff out at Anime North too, she’ll be in the Artist Alley.

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We finally got our info and schedule from our friends at Anime North. Mark this on your calendars guys.

We’ll be taping the show live from the Doubletree Hotel in the con suite (the glass room that overlooks Dixon Rd) on Friday May 25th and Saturday May 26th, both at 9pm. Although we’re likely going to actually start taping a little bit after that because we’ll be setting up the studio. We’ll have something to entertain you guys during the set up though. C’mon by and listen in on the laughs and conversation.

We’ll tell you who’s doing which episode when we sort it out. We’ll be deciding via Battle Royale. Also we may be giving away some prizes and maybe even run off compilations of the Roundtable’s first two seasons.

Also let us know if you’re interested in getting a free copy of the mock documentary “Gamble” starring the late Charles Portugues along with the archived episodes.  Listen to the end of ep. 20 for info on the movie.

So that’s it from here. We’re very excited and hope to see you there.

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Finally our 20th episode!! This time, we’ll talk about legal downloads, Mothers and anime, and more Anime North talk (yeah we’re still kissing up). The last episode before the big convention.

Mike Nicolas, James Austin, Mohamed Sharmarke (66:20)

Listen to it here or download directly from the links below.

Links of Interest

Anime and Television in Toronto Podcast
Mike’s Original Column on Mothers Day on ANN
Anime World Order Podcast
Anime North Website
ZZ’s My Space Page

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Yeah a mini milestone coming up if we can ever get to it.  Episode 20, if we’re lucky, is set to be recorded on Thursday evening back in our usual place.  If we get it done, we’ll have it up within hours of taping.  We just have to do the pre show work on it now before we can go.

As for what we’ll talk about, don’t completely know all of it yet.  But I did just come from seeing SpiderMan 3, so expect me to say something about it.

As for who’s doing the show…umm, see the last paragraph.

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