Episode 21 taped….

…but boy what a disaster it was. Where do I start. Not much of an audience (not a big deal), tried to use a speaker for the non existant audience (many issues there), and the few that were around wanted to actually sit amongst everyone doing the show, many distractions. And to top it all off, James’ microphone wasn’t put together properly and we found out towards the end that it was actually pointing the other way. Didn’t help that I wanted to do the recording differently for the audience enjoyment (you know the one I mentioned was almost non existant).

To use the old cliche, anything that could have gone wrong certainly did. Thank goodness one of Anime North’s programming heads came in to say some nice words at the very end there. But I think we can declare this episode a write off.

So because of that, I don’t think you want to actually hear how this went. And to be honest, a good chunk of it you can’t even hear because of the microphone issues. So I am really divided on putting this up at all, certainly not in its entirety. I may keep the last segment as a bonus though.

For episode 22, we’ll go back to the basics, and lay down the law.

This will be a nice lesson to add to the Podcasting 101 panel later…

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