License Pool Update: Big Score

Looks like Mohamed has scored big in the pool with the pick up of his long shot Tokyo Majin. On top of that he gets the full points for guessing that ADV would pick it up and announce it in a press release. Once again, with triple points on long shots, that’s 15 points. Here’s…More

License Pool Update

Looks like all four of us are now on the board since we all guessed that 5cm per Second would get licensed. No surprise, it was taken by ADV. Theatrical release is planned for the fall, and a DVD is set for December. I am looking forward to it. However James Austin gets a full…More

Anime Roundtable #23 – Part Two

Our special with the owners of The Comic Den Mississauga continues. We’ll start with giving some respect for Seven Seas over the Nymphet controversy, and some memories of Canada Customs. Then, a bullets segment where we talk about Death Note in China, and crime in Akihabara. Also, more phone calls and knocks at the door.…More

Anime Roundtable #23 – Part One

Part one of our special episode with the owners of The Comic Den Mississauga. First up we’ll reminisce over the last 28 years in business. Then we’ll talk about the Nymphet controversy…you expect us not to talk about it? Mike Nicolas, James Austin, Terry Visser, Anthony Visser. (57:25)   Links of Interest: Translation of Blog…More

Comic Den episode taped.

James and I taped the Comic Den episode earlier this afternoon with the owners in their soon to be emptied former location. It was one of the longest episodes we ever did, and the conversation was as good as it was long. And we taped it while people were coming by to pick up various…More

Anime Roundtable #21 version 2

21 is Anime Roundtable’s 13 or 4. So here’s what we decided to put up from the ill fated episode from our first night at Anime North. First, a brief re-hash of our conversation on the controversy surrounding manga cafes and rental shops in Asia and North America. Then we will have a word from…More

Roundtable at The Comic Den

I mentioned during the last episode that we were planning to tape our show at Comic Den in Mississauga on the last day they’re in business, which is this Sunday. Unfortunately we won’t be able to do that on Sunday, I have to work in the evening. However, we will be taping an episode with…More

License Pool: Picks recap and update.

Special thanks to Mohamed for paying attention. Here’s the listing of our licensing picks as mentioned in Digest #3 back in April. In addition, here’s Mohamed’s picks as well. Mike Nicolas 1. Magical Girls Lyrical Nanoha by Geneon at Anime Expo 2. Haruhi light novels by Bandai at Anime Expo 3. Kujibiki Unbalance by Media…More