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I mentioned during the last episode that we were planning to tape our show at Comic Den in Mississauga on the last day they’re in business, which is this Sunday. Unfortunately we won’t be able to do that on Sunday, I have to work in the evening.

However, we will be taping an episode with the owners of the store not too long after, hopefully a day or so later. So please look forward to it. It should come up faster than ep. 21…I should get to that soon.

In the meantime, please give them a visit before it’s all said and done on Sunday. Link is on the side there, and there’s plenty of good stuff still to be had.

Update:  We’re aiming to tape early Monday afternoon, June 11th.  What we’re gonna talk about is rather obvious.  Comic Den heard about the controversy concerning Kodomo no Jikan, but until yesterday hadn’t seen visuals…

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