Comic Den episode taped.

James and I taped the Comic Den episode earlier this afternoon with the owners in their soon to be emptied former location. It was one of the longest episodes we ever did, and the conversation was as good as it was long. And we taped it while people were coming by to pick up various fixtures and shelves from the store they had sold.

This was the day after the store had closed for the final time and I’ll tell you that there was still quite the flurry of people looking for deals there. James actually found one final deal before we left after the taping.

The episode will be in two parts, and will hopefully be up by Tuesday morning. Please give it a listen, you’ll hear some great insight from two guys who have been in the comics, anime, and manga selling business for almost three decades. I’ll be giving this a top priority edit this evening.

Even though they will still be spending the rest of June packing up the location, James and I couldn’t help but think that we just stepped out of the store for the absolute final time.

Update: Sorry for the delay.  Decided to add some pics for the Enhanced version.  Encoding going on as I type.

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