Anime Roundtable #23 – Part Two

Our special with the owners of The Comic Den Mississauga continues. We’ll start with giving some respect for Seven Seas over the Nymphet controversy, and some memories of Canada Customs. Then, a bullets segment where we talk about Death Note in China, and crime in Akihabara. Also, more phone calls and knocks at the door. And ramune now joins the ranks of pop rocks and rock candy as stuff that make themselves heard on the mics.

This topping off the longest episode yet. And it was as good as it was long.

Mike Nicolas, James Austin, Terry Visser, Anthony Visser. (41:25)


Links of Interest:

Articles on banning of Death Note in China, and the student backlash

Details on Daily Yomiuri report on increasing crime in Akihabara

Twelve Girls Band Official Website

Charcot Marie Tooth Association. Information on the disorder that Terry Visser has


Promo: Anime Pacific




  1. Matt Austin says:

    Excellent podcast I really enjoyed hearing the two brothers and learn a bit more about them. Put them on the show more if you can convince them. It is a shame that I could not stick around after I picked up the shelf because I had work. Just posted a comment to prove that I do listen and to give some feedback!

  2. Ron says:

    I was gret to here the the brothers talk and hear what they had to say. It hard to think everythime I go by the place, they will not be there. So much history there. I think this podcast caputred a fair bit of that.way to go guys, and to The Comic Den thank for the fun!

  3. Skwerly says:

    Though I’ve only been to the Den once (what with me living on the opposite end of Toronto), it’s sad to see a gem of a store that’s as old as I am go. Great work guys and continued success in the future!

    I think the brothers give a very interesting perspective, not to mention very informative. I hope they can guest for you again. For us consumers, we really don’t know what goes behind the scenes and the pain some of these stores go through just to get our stuff. I hope a lot of people listen to this one and gain a greater appreciation for the local comic book-type stores.

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