License Pool Update: Big Score

Looks like Mohamed has scored big in the pool with the pick up of his long shot Tokyo Majin. On top of that he gets the full points for guessing that ADV would pick it up and announce it in a press release. Once again, with triple points on long shots, that’s 15 points.

Here’s the updated scores.

Mohamed Sharmarke: 19
James Austin: 11
Dean Colak: 4
Mike Nicolas: 4

And once again, Anime Expo is this weekend. Expect things to get interesting.

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  1. BOZZ says:

    Looks like Mike gets a bit of a bite with Nanoha being picked up finally by Geneon at Anime Expo and Moh furthers his lead by correctly guessing that license as well.

    I am now lonely, sitting in last place… 😦

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