iTunes, Podcast Pickle, Facebook Stuff

I was looking at a few podcast directories and even the Anime Expo forums and stumbled upon some comments concerning the show, and I realized that I don’t know much about what complete strangers think of the show. Also I have this thing where I certainly wouldn’t mind knowing (I think you can call it…More

License Pool Update: Post Otakon

All four of us in the game scored points. And all of them were off of the Code Geass and Ouran licenses. Bottomline is that there’s another lead change since Moh guessed both (as well as myself), and James only guessed one. Here’s the standings after Otakon: Mohamed Sharmarke: 35 James Austin: 34 Mike Nicolas:…More

License Pool Update: Post Anime Expo

Yeah I know this is late, but I was actually out there enjoying stuff not necessarily related to anime, like going to Montreal to catch some games at the FIFA U-20 World Cup (moment of silence for the Canadian performance), and their Jazz Festival. In any event, I did take a look at the scoring…More