iTunes, Podcast Pickle, Facebook Stuff

I was looking at a few podcast directories and even the Anime Expo forums and stumbled upon some comments concerning the show, and I realized that I don’t know much about what complete strangers think of the show. Also I have this thing where I certainly wouldn’t mind knowing (I think you can call it being self conscience)

So to that end, if you found out about us through podcast directories like iTunes, or Podcast Pickle, please place a review of the show for posterity. Or in the case of Podcast Pickle, become a fan. Thanks in advance, and thanks to those who have left comments already. You know who you are.

Also we’ve decided to get on the Facebook bandwagon and have started a group there. I have no clue what we’ll do with it, but obviously we’re more likely to check that. Some of the show’s regulars are already there. I guess this will pretty much serve as our forum and other stuff. I also think we’ll announce when we’re taping the show on it as well. In any event, check it out here and sign up (of course you have to log into your FB to see it).

Now as for the shows themselves, sorry we haven’t done anything in a good month and a half. We hope to do maybe two more shows before the end of summer….Then hopefully come September we can get back to a more normal schedule. Hey I am enjoying the summer myself.

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