License Pool: Post Comic Con

Yeah, a week late again on the update. James finally reminded me that there was in fact points won in San Deigo a few weeks ago…likely because he was the only one that scored. He got 4 points on Viz’s license of the Nana anime. With the score, James takes the lead again. Here’s the scoreboard.

James Austin: 38
Mohamed Sharmarke: 35
Mike Nicolas: 19
Dean Colak: 12

And that pretty much is the big conventions this year. However the pool will still go until a few weeks into the Podcast’s new season. The season starts in early September, the pool will end in the back end of the month.

And just a quick note on Kanon here. No one here considers Kanon taken by any means. There’s plenty of speculation yes, even from the source themselves, and it is probably only a matter of time. But nothing is set in stone. We’ll see if the assumed announcement is made before the pool ends.

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