Anime Roundtable #26

The other thing taped this week. A defence of Kodomo no Jikan and then some brief talk about the change in the Japanese government and it’s relationship to anime and manga. And somehow we managed to get through this episode without talking about School Days… Mike Nicolas, Neil Sinclair, Adam Grant, Courteney St. John (1:02:39)…More

Anime Roundtable Digest #5

The big talk of the week is of course Geneon’s pull out of DVD sales in North America. We’ll give our thoughts on it, and naturally don’t think of this as definitive, or even needed. But it was worth talking about. Mike Nicolas, James Austin, Adam Grant. (52:21)    More

License Pool: Final Scores.

So at the very end, Kanon 2006 got picked up…damn. Despite all that, that doesn’t change the final score of the first ever TARCan License Pool…damn. Here are the final scores: James Austin: 38 Mohamed Sharmarke: 35 Mike Nicolas: 28 Dean Colak: 21 Congratulations James!! We’ll try to mention this during the tapings this week.…More

Anime Roundtable #25

After a one week hiatus, we welcome a newcomer and get a legal opinion on fansubs in Canada and around the world.  And then we briefly talk about broadcast preempting in Japan.  Peppered with pr0n talk…check that…burried by… Most outrageous episode yet.  You’ve been warned. Mike Nicolas, Neil Sinclair, James Austin, Adam Grant. (1:06:25) Links…More

Episode #25 Delayed

Yeah, I know I mentioned that when we came back we’d be going weekly.  Oh well… I was actually hoping to tape the show this week, but it turned out that no one was going to really be available to do it.  So we decided to regroup and do it next week.  Trust me, it’ll…More

Anime Roundtable #24 – Part Two

The season premier continues with talk about the Wall Street Journal editorial critical of the Japanese government’s use of anime and manga in their self promotion. And then in the bullets we’ll talk about New Generation’s latest moves, and how the anime industry in Japan does versus the Love Hotel industry. We know who won,…More

Anime Roundtable #24 – Part One

Part one of the season premier. We’ll start off with what’s been on the crew’s watching and reading lists and then reminisce about the recent FanExpo Canada (aka CNAnime). But before all that, Mike let’s off a little steam with a first insult…don’t expect this too often. Mike Nicolas, James Austin, Angela Jordan (1:06:05)  …More