Anime Roundtable #25

After a one week hiatus, we welcome a newcomer and get a legal opinion on fansubs in Canada and around the world.  And then we briefly talk about broadcast preempting in Japan.  Peppered with pr0n talk…check that…burried by…

Most outrageous episode yet.  You’ve been warned.

Mike Nicolas, Neil Sinclair, James Austin, Adam Grant. (1:06:25)

Links of Interest:
Details of Kyoto prefecture murder

Dave and Joel’s Fast Karate For The Gentleman
Anime World Order



  1. Joseph Taylor says:

    Wow… That was entertaining! Thanks for another great episode.

  2. duane says:

    Hey guys. I usually don’t comment about shows, but felt I needed to here. I got to this show a little late (hence the lack of timeliness of this post). Anyway, while I usually really enjoy your show, and I think it is one of the better podcasts out there about any subject, this episode did have some problems. I enjoyed it content-wise, but one thing your panelists (or whatever) need to watch for is talking over each other. Granted, this was magnified by the fact that I was listening to this episode in the car, but it was still a problem. Everytime two or three people tried to talk at once, I seriously considered turning it off.

    I haven’t noticed this to be a consistent problem (although I did hear a bit of it in a earlier episode I happened to listen to recently), and it wasn’t a problem at all in episode 26. I just wanted to let you know that it’s something to out for.

  3. Okina says:

    Duane, it was the panelists…trust me. Yeah, the show got out of hand. I still think of it as the most outrageous episode we’ve done. Which is actually commonplace when you put both Neil and Adam together. Really the only thing that counters those two is having one of the girls on (Courteney is very good at taming those two as you found out in ep 26). And did you notice that this episode was just guys?

    I think it’s a rather isolated incident, so I don’t think this is something we’ll see regularly.

    Thanks for pointing it out though. We’ll certainly try to keep tabs on this in the future.

  4. Arthur says:

    OMG, I saw someone wearing a utilikilt today O.o

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