Anime Roundtable #28

After a week off, a follow up on downloading and opinions on the iPod….oh and in anime stuff, more on pre-emptings on Japanese TV, and what’s coming on Canadian TV. Also a conversation on the “big volume more pages” trend in manga. If I use the word “omnibus” I may get hurt. And finally, to fulfill our official obligation, some Anime North news…not necessarily in that order.

Mike Nicolas, James Austin, Adam Grant (1:06)


Links of interest

Anime North Website

Omni TV Ontario (the station showing the Nana Live Action Movies)

Mike’s Original Column on ANN on J-Dramas on Canadian TV



  1. duane says:

    I know this is a late comment, but I just had to chime in on the whole “omnibus” thing. I have to disagree with Adam’s position on the word. While I realize that the original Latin, may have meant something very specific, the word has been used to mean a collection of different things for a while now. I refer you to the wikipedia disambigution page here: . If we were to get so picky about English’s appropriation and adaptation of Latin terms, much of our vocabulary would fall by the wayside and be much less useful. By the way, good show, and I’m looking forward to listening to episode 29, which I’ve just downloaded while typing this.

  2. BarleyTea says:

    Lemon and Honey tea. Lemon offers a fresh amount of vitamin C, Honey’s sweetness soothes the sore throat.

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