Anime Roundtable #34

Our view of Justin Sevakis’ open letter to the anime industry. In the bullets, the closing of the Toronto maid cafe, celebrity divorces, CSI DeathNote, and an American adaptation of Train Man to come. And finally Adam requests a guest spot on the Happy House of Hentai. Tell me what doesn’t belong? Mike Nicolas, James…More

Anime Roundtable #33

The reputation of foreigners in Japan, ADV’s latest moves online, the latest in anime merchandising, and Death Note trully coming to North America. Mike Nicolas, James Austin, Adam Grant, Angela Jordan (1:06:10)   Links of Interest @Wiki blog on Halloween subway incident Best Haruhi Tissue Box Joke (better than what Adam and Mike said) Promo:…More

Anime Roundtable #32

This week, School Days and its prospects in North America. We’ll also remember Steve Pearl and a bygone era in North American fandom. Don’t worry, most of this is still not as serious as it sounds. Mike Nicolas, James Austin, Adam Grant, Mohamed Sharmarke (1:06:20)   Links of interest The School Days question on Anime…More

Anime Roundtable Digest #6

Dean’s return episode where he gives his thoughts on recent anime news, and then his impressions of the current fall season…about a quarter of a way through. Mike Nicolas, James Austin, Adam Grant, Dean Colak (39:40)   Links of Interest Random Curiosity Anime Blog Anime Nano Blog Directory Waterloo Festival for Animated Cinema    More

Anime Roundtable #31

The Baskin Robbins episode. In it we’ll have a serious discussion about anime’s depiction of war on the eve of Remeberance Day in Canada. On the lighter side we’ll talk about Halko Momoi, One Pound Gospel, cultural figures in Japan, and the Perry Bible Fellowship. mmmmm….ice cream… Mike Nicolas, James Austin, Angela Jordan, Adam Grant…More

Episode #31 and Digest #6 This Weekend

The episodes were taped on Thursday, but they’ll be put up a little later than usual this weekend. Episode #31 will likely come up late Saturday, and Digest #6 hopefully sometime Sunday. In the meantime I just wanted to put in quick plug for the annual Waterloo Festival for Animated Cinema going on next week…More

Anime Roundtable #30

Talk about the Japanese Government survey on regulating “Harmful Material”, and a brief conversation on “Realizing Gundam”. Sprinkled with how Mike screwed up giving away candy during Halloween, and the ups and downs of Canadian Dollar parity (especially when Canada Customs gets involved) at the beginning; and an interesting request by Adam at the very…More