Anime Roundtable #30

Talk about the Japanese Government survey on regulating “Harmful Material”, and a brief conversation on “Realizing Gundam”. Sprinkled with how Mike screwed up giving away candy during Halloween, and the ups and downs of Canadian Dollar parity (especially when Canada Customs gets involved) at the beginning; and an interesting request by Adam at the very end…one that will not surprise you one bit.

Mike Nicolas, James Austin, Adam Grant (1:06:18)


Links of Interest
New iMaid Cafe Website (warning: very slow load)

Icarus Publishing Blog (Read Oct. 17 Entry)


Up A Paddle




  1. BarleyTea says:

    Hey guys, great show. Enjoyed listening to your podcast. I just wanna ask what your reaction to this:

    This happened about a few weeks ago, many users in futaba channel (2chan) were in a raging sh!tstorm hours after the videos were streamed. The fear & hatred of foreigners are growing in numbers.

  2. DeanC says:

    First show that I’ve had a chance to listen to in a while… I am surprised though, 2 hour length show…

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