Anime Roundtable #32

This week, School Days and its prospects in North America. We’ll also remember Steve Pearl and a bygone era in North American fandom.

Don’t worry, most of this is still not as serious as it sounds.

Mike Nicolas, James Austin, Adam Grant, Mohamed Sharmarke (1:06:20)


Links of interest
The School Days question on Anime Nation’s Ask John

Gothamist Blog on the NY Subway Couple

Justin Sevakis tribute to Steve Pearle on ANN

Waterloo Festival for Animated Cinema

Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival


Dave and Joel’s Fast Karate for the Gentleman




  1. Nelson says:

    Top Ten Business destinations for travellers

    Dear Adam Grant, please note that I wrote this during my business class. And excuse the poor grammer and spelling.

    1. (Popotan- every goddamned episode) Its not the best series in the world, but the hot spring scenes are extremely-well detailed and the girls live to their expectations from a terrible H game.

    2. Ichigo Mashimaru – ????

    3.Doraemon – Practically every goddamned scene featuring Shizuka taking baths every goddamned day.

    4. Ranma ½, I like it not because of cheap fanservice, martial arts and a great story. But I like it as a cheap fanservice with cheesy martial arts and a great story with hot spring scenes that serve some purpose into the plot.

    5.Full Metal Panic Fumoffu. It was one of the best hot springs scenes I had ever seen since Outlaw Star’s Aisha bathing in hot lava. There was one thing I learn from that faithful episode. Bad things always happen when you are in the path of horni guys.

    6. Hayate No Gotoku – Murder Mystery) There was nothing much I liked about the series or this episode but a homage to Detective Conan. But I sure do like ALL the side characters in the series.

    7. (Lucky Star- ????) I have never watched the entire series but it was an episode featuring the gang in some bathhouse. You know? The “TIMOTE TIMOTEE TIMOTEEE!!!” That made me go ape crazy and I had replayed that scene for over a hundred times. I think 4chan at the time was big over it.

    8. (Air Gear – Episode one) even though this hot springs sequence is featured in a bathhouse, it’s still something. Air Gear is on my number 10 on my top ten favourite business destinations because, it was one of the most sudden, and unpredictable moves made by Toei Animation. There are times you least expect a show to provide such generous service and laugh about it even for its first episode, but the censorship of the nudity is very corny. Like the censorship to Kodomo No Jikan, you had a picture cover explicit body parts, Air Gear’s so-called Censorship-At-Work is a black crow covering

    9. (Chobit – teaching Chi how to bathe) this episode was pretty ridiculous even for the dub’s dialogue. The idea of teaching a HEALTHY girl how to bathe is every man’s deepest fantasy, but when you apply this fantasy into real life, someone is going to regret everything they had done. Hideki’s effort to teach Chi how to bathe is so ridiculous I had to fast-forward scenes so I could watch the end of it.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Long comment is long.

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