Anime Roundtable #34

Our view of Justin Sevakis’ open letter to the anime industry. In the bullets, the closing of the Toronto maid cafe, celebrity divorces, CSI DeathNote, and an American adaptation of Train Man to come. And finally Adam requests a guest spot on the Happy House of Hentai.

Tell me what doesn’t belong?

Mike Nicolas, James Austin, Adam Grant. (1:05:33)


Links of Interest
Justin Sevakis’ Letter on ANN

Arthur Smith Interview on Active Anime

Blog entry on iMaid Cafe closing

Tokyo Anime Center

Danny Choo blog on Japanese men preferring 2D girls over 3D


Anime Round Table and Review
Eeeper’s Choice



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  1. Hey, I just wanted to say that I really liked this show. And I wanted to share my thoughts on the Arthur Smith interview. Honestly, most of his hysterics bugged me. It sounded like he was trying to guilt the fans into purchasing DVDs, which really irratated me as someone who actually buys DVDs.

    I often wonder if the anime companies are holding out the big hand of smackdown, and expecting the consumers to just buckle under. And why they can’t see that the attitude is counter-productive. Because instead of trying to give the fans what they want they end up creating a base of people who really want to say f- you to them.

    Although as an interesting side note, hidden among all of the other invectives and rhetoric in the activeanime “interview” (I use that term loosely), Mr. Smith did say that they are investigating using Xbox live and iTunes to distribute anime soon after it airs.

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