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Anime Roundtable Promo #1

So finally here it is, our first real promo. Feel free to judge it for yourself in the flash player below.

To all podcasters who want to play the promo, please do. But also let us know that you’re doing so, we’ll certainly return the favour as soon as possible on our show.

Download mp3 version of promo.

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Anime Roundtable #35

We’ll warm up with manga talk about Kodocha, Genshiken and Translucent, and anime talk concerning the Haruhi Dub. Then we’ll talk about Arthur Smith’s response to the open letter to the industry. In the bullets, Marvel manga, Gundam Bars, Busou Renkin on DVD, Futari Ecchi’s limited manga release, and the voluntary pull on My Santa (which really should be permanent).

The real last episode of 2007.

Mike Nicolas, James Austin, Terry Visser, Anthony Visser (1:06:05)


Links of Interest

Arthur Smith’s Open Letter
Azumi Movie Trailer on Apple Website
Prelim images from X-Men and Wolverine manga on The Publisher’s Weekly Beat Blog
Pictures of Gundam theme Bar on Akibablog

Anime World Order



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I thought the episode we recorded two weeks ago would be our last for 2007.  But now it looks like James and I have enough in the tank for one more, and we’ll tape it this week with the Visser brothers.

Thought you’d be curious.

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