Anime Roundtable #37

This week, more on dead and burried anime ventures, and grave digging. First thoughts on Geneon’s library, then the end of Hirameki, Viz and
single discs on some titles, and ADV’s latest moves (Newtype USA, Anime
Channel linear, UK operations).

Mike Nicolas, James Austin, Adam Grant, Mohamed Sharmarke (1:05:55)


Anime Genesis



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  1. Just wanted to say these were a great couple of shows. And I don’t know any hentai games, I read all my porn 🙂 But I’ll keep an eye out.

    Just some thoughts, I really don’t think anything but Hellsing and Black Lagoon are likely to get picked up. Although I’m still holding the torch for a release of Seirei no Moribito, but in the end I get the feeling that Geneon’s days in the spotlight became numbered at the point Funimation stepped into releasing older teen titles.

    I won’t comment on the whole boxset thing, except to say blah. But the arguments are sound. But still… blah.

    I really don’t think PiQ sounds all that great personally. But then again, I haven’t found most anime magazines to be super amazing neat. I might pick up Otaku USA just because it sounds like the best of the lot. But even Anime Insider and the likes never really impressed me with their content.

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