Anime Roundtable #42

We start off with Apple and Oscar talk, then come back to Canada Border Services’ increasing personal library of banned material (of course hentai anime and manga stuff). In short the return of some recent classics, the return of ADV, and Butler Cafes looking to hire (Adam and James may have a chance). Mike Nicolas,…More

Anime Roundtable #41

This week, we start with Dean’s thoughts on the TV season thus far in Japan. Then we offer a our thoughts on the end of the Blu-ray, HD-DVD war. In the second half we read a somewhat interesting e-mail and respond in kind, then we express our shock and awe over the latest live action…More

Anime Roundtable #40

Sorry for the delay since Mike was actually enjoying more than a few post Valentines Day drinks. This week, after the Gospel according to Neil and Adam, and Mike’s chocolate odyssey, some thoughts on Funimation and Geneon, the closing of the Sakura Wars cafe, some EVA hot coffee, and the latest attempt at lonely otaku…More

Anime Roundtable #39

We start with Mike helping Adam and Angela complete their Geneon libraries, and look back on Angela’s art exhibit at York University. Then in earnest we wonder about Tekkon Kinkreet’s Oscar worthiness. In the bullets, our first news from Anime North, throwing away Japanese porn being illegal, the “House Where Totoro Lives” being saved, and…More