Anime Roundtable #42

We start off with Apple and Oscar talk, then come back to Canada Border Services’ increasing personal library of banned material (of course hentai anime and manga stuff). In short the return of some recent classics, the return of ADV, and Butler Cafes looking to hire (Adam and James may have a chance).

Mike Nicolas, James Austin, Angela Jordan, Adam Grant (1:06:30)



Links of Interest

“Once” Official US Website

Canada Border Services Agency list of prohibited materials in PDF

Icarus Blog on both Canada Border Services and Butler Cafes

Right Stuf’s update ADV release list article on Butler Cafes

AFP article on Butler Cafe with foreign servers

Employment application for Butler Cafe (in English, looking for foreign help)

R5 Central




  1. Skwerly says:

    My fiancé and I were wondering what they can do with the Trigun Movie. In between side-story? A “pre-quel” might be interesting but may not be “epic” movie material.

    I really enjoyed the anime “Bartender”. I’d say it’s an anime for adults, because kids would be bored with it (lots of talking). Well, really, adults who have no interest in stories of drinks/wines etc… may find it boring as well. It’s an anecdotal anime, so each episode is its own story. Some are relationship-based anecdotes. It could easily work as a live-action. I can’t promise that everyone will enjoy it, but if you like stories of food & drink, I recommend it!:

  2. Skwerly says:

    Oh yeah, a friend of mine went to a butler cafe in Japan. With her permission, her journal entry on her experience there:

  3. Arthur says:

    Koi Kaze is a pretty adult anime. Elfen Lied or some Mokoto Shinkai stuff might also work.

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