Second Anniversary & Anime Roundtable #42: The Movie

Like I mentioned at the end of ep 42 last week, today is the second anniversary of this podcast. Our first show was taped exactly two years ago, and I’d like to think it’s gotten a little better since. Once again thank you to everyone who makes this worthwhile. The only thing I can hope for is for another year.

A quick browse this week brought me back to my cousin’s blog on Anime Academy. This week he talked about the streak of acquisitions by Bandai Visual USA, posing the notion of squeezing out the “anime middle class”. It’s actually an interesting read and takes in the logic that I know my cousins there are known to have.

Okay, now to the best/worst part

*deep breath*

Have you ever wondered what sitting in on a live taping of Roundtable would be like? Better yet, ever wonder what we look like? Well prepare to be horrified.

During the taping of episode 42 last week, Adam decided to point his MacBook Pro with iSight camera at us as we recorded. What you are about to see, should you decide to see it, is the most complete, raw, uncensored and, most of all, unedited version of episode 42 you’ll find anywhere. Complete with everything that was said immediately before and after recording, AND during the breaks.

And best of all, you’ll get to put a face to Mike, James, Angela, and Adam…whether you want to or not…and assuming you’re not on the Facebook Group.

So give the video a watch, and enjoy the Anime Roundtable audience experience as if you were actually there. And then afterwards ask yourself…is it really worth seeing a taping live.

Trust me, I have no intention of making a habit of this. However if you’re interested in actually downloading a copy of this video, e-mail us and maybe I’ll put up a download link after.

C’mon, press play…I dare you…no, I double dog dare you!!!

Update: I’ve decided to put up a downloadable version of the episode. The file is in Quicktime, and remember to right click to save.

Download Quicktime raw version of episode #42 (208.3mb)


  1. fighto says:

    Amen to Princess Maker!

  2. Arthur says:

    Thank you Adam

  3. Buster Blader 126 says:

    For some odd reason, I can’t get it to play. It plays for about a second (and without sound) before it freezes, and this is even when I leave it alone for a while so that the buffer doesn’t kick in (for lack of a better term). =/ And it’s been two hours, at that.

    Does anybody else have this problem?

  4. ACFTM says:

    It stopped at 1:24:55 for me even though the total length of the video was 1:30:48.

    Happy second anniversary!

    All that talk of anti-piracy ads made me think of this old, old anti-piracy clip:

    Princess Maker sounds really fun and interesting. I’ve checked around for English patches, and only found a partial patch (just translations for the stats and locations) for Princess Maker 4.

    IdolMaster sounds fun, too. =D

  5. Guy says:

    I like the host, but I dislike the guy on the left who is taping this… loves to comlain that guy, and he thinks he is interesting to listen to just because he has enthusiam.

  6. Strike says:

    What are you talking about? Adam is great, and so is everyone else! Great job guys! I hope you upload more vids in the future.

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