Anime Roundtable #43

With Neil and Adam again at the same time, you can only do so much, just ask the idle talk. But somewhere in the mess we talk about the mix between Death Note, Naruto, Bully, and school violence (and a tasty mix at that), ADV deciding to finally blame downloads, Disney teaming up with Japan, Right Stuf’s first acquisition of 2008, and a successful busty defense (one Adam would certainly use). Plus perhaps the most memorable moment yet in the show’s history. See if you can pick all of that out, maybe there will be a prize…maybe.

Mike Nicolas, Neil Sinclair, James Austin, Adam Grant. (1:05:10)


Links of Interest
AC3 Website

CTV on Bully video game controversy

CTV on Disney in Japan

Serena Kozakura story w/video

Eeeper’s Choice


  1. Megan says:

    Sorry I left so early guys- the clock on that computer was wrong! (I didn’t have my cell with me at the time either) This week I’ll stay longer.


  2. Strike says:

    Teenage pregnancy implementation manager FTW!!
    Congratulations guys on a great show. Keep the vids coming, it would be a shame to miss another moment like that.

  3. Enrico says:

    If you’re going to make the videos a habit, I think they should become their own video podcast. I’d subscribe in a heartbeat!

    And Adam would make an excellent Teenage Pregnancy Implementation Manager. I’m inclined to think he’d like being an Implementor even more, though. =D

  4. As a primary school teacher in Hong Kong, I can tell you that we get Death Note incidents pretty much every single day.

    And AS a primary school teacher I can say that “Bully” is quite possibly the best game Rockstar has every released; EVER!

  5. Skwerly says:

    AC^3 eh? I guess it’ll be aiming for next year’s since there won’t be one for this year. (Eyeing this con for possible artist alley space.) Oh, and it’s usually in November.

  6. Skwerly says:

    Oh and about the Artist Alley for Anime North? Info on when it was to be opened was posted on late evening of March 5th.
    Application of registration opened March 14 (yesterday) at 8:00pm. (A site with the official time was suggested by staff so most people synched with that.)

    According to Alley staff, spaces apparently were filled up within less than a minute and only a few made it to the waiting list, when they sent their request at 8:01pm

    My partner and I actually got in, but I’m feeling bittersweet because of the many friends that missed it even though this was bound to happen.

  7. Buster Blader 126 says:

    Until I read the comic about the Artist’s Alley on ANN, I never knew that positions would fill up THAT quickly. That’s just freaking insane.

    In any case, keep up the great work.

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