Anime Roundtable #44 – The All Girls Episode (two parts)

The second All Girls/White Day episode. Presented in two parts.


In part one, Clarissa returns from her year in Japan and starts to recount some of her favourite moments from her year there, from travelling Japan and other parts of Asia, to food, and to life as a university student at Meiji U in Tokyo. (53:00)


In part two, Clarissa’s memories of Japan continue with some of her anime adventures, from clubs to the biggest adventure of them all…Comiket. And yes, Genshiken isn’t that far fetched. Also some thoughts on Japanese Kit Kat and Crunchyroll. (24:24)

Angela Jordan, Clarissa Jewel, Carol Saad


Links of Interest

Meiji University Website in English

Himeji Castle Official Website in English

Tokyo Big Sight Official Website in English

Comic Market Official Website in English

Kit Kat Official Japanese Website

The 3 Yen Blog on Strange Japanese Food (Clarissa’s culinary experiences have nothing on this)

Anime Pacific
Anime World Order


  1. fighto says:

    Excuse me, Maria-sama ga Miteru is about lesbians? You wish, everyone wishes Maria-sama ga Miteru was ALL about lesbians but IT ISN’T. I mean, the girls in Maria-sama ga miteru are almost not even real girls!

    And yeah, it’s slow and it’s everyday life drama, BUT to off-hand say the show is lesbians–lesbians that don’t get together (although that is partially true) and you haven’t watched the show really pisses me off.

    The lesbians (I mean, like you can actually point them out and say “that’s a lesbian!) are mostly in Sei’s arc, there are two adults that the story that are implied lesbians, there is Sei Satō, Shiori Kubō and Shizuka Kanina (sort of gay for Sei), and that’s about it so far.

    If lesbianism was the driving force of this show don’t you think it would make it at least 15% more interesting?

    I’m just saying this as a disappointed person who was promised lesbians. Just stop, it’s people like you that are making this series sound amazing–you’re advertising and people are going to be disappointed when they buy disc one waiting non-stop lesbians! *shakes head* (Although the Sei arc is really good.)

  2. Okina says:

    Okay fighto, if I got this right (and I admit I had to read your comments a couple times over), you didn’t shoot yourself in the foot with what you said, you blew it clean off…

  3. fighto says:

    I wrote that because I was ashamed that a girl fucking said that. I’m a fucking girl. I thought the girls on this show would have a little more sense rather than to shoot off their mouths about a show they don’t know about or that haven’t watched.

    I CAN SAY WHATEVER I WANT because I have actually watched the show. I’m calling YOU out for making generalizations on a show you haven’t watched.

    Watch it. Say it’s boring. BUT SAY IT AFTER YOU WATCH IT.

    And yeah, I did think this show was about lesbians and I wanted to see what it had to offer and I was quite happy with the Sei arc because Sei is a pretty cool lesbian character despite her dark past. What wrong about wanted to see lesbian’s that are REAL lesbians and being disappointed in not finding it.

  4. Skwerly says:

    Wow…thanks for sharing all of your adventures, Clarissa! It was really interesting, honest and insightful. Despite the longer segment of this podcast, time flew.

  5. Adam says:

    Easy there, princess. I’m all for freedom of speech, but it’s a bit hypocritical to call people out (both the hose and the speaker of the original comment), tell us all that you’re “ashamed” that they “fucking said that”, and then suggest that no one else ought to have any right to comment on a show until they’ve seen it. Clarissa made the comment very plainly that she was speaking as someone who had not seen the show. That seems to indicate to any sort of rational, reasonable person, that the comments A) come from someone who (duh) hasn’t seen the show, and B) that as a result, the opinion reflects that gleaned from a cursory glance at the subject matter of the show. It sure to hell doesn’t indicate someone who knows the show inside and out, and is speaking as a certified expert on the show (which would actually be kind of sad).

    I’m not going to give you some crap about how the people who appear on this show (myself included), work really hard, and take time out of their busy schedules to do this, and that you should just be grateful as a result. I don’t buy that shit myself, so I’m not about to feed it (forcefully or not) to you. What I am going to feed to you, however, is a teeny tiny ounce of common sense (which you clearly seem to need at this stage in the game). This may be the internet, the wide and varied world of retarded arguments, where anyone and their dog seems to think that they’re an expert on something, and thus that they have a right, and even a duty, to tell everyone else that they’re wrong about anything and everything, a world where qualifications and actual, verified knowledge doesn’t mean a bloody thing, but that doesn’t mean that you should take every opportunity to stuff both feet so readily down your throat. In short (since I think you need it that way), just because everyone else on the internet wants to start a bloody flame war doesn’t mean that you should follow suit.

    I’m happy to let you be this retarded (I’ll admit I get a kick out of writing these scathing comments), but if you aren’t willing to embrace the spirit of the exercise that we engage in here (which is, if you hadn’t figured it, that of a calm, rational, reasonable discussion about a hobby that we all share), then maybe you ought to find another forum in which to let the garbage dribble out of your mouth, as you seem so wont to do. In short (since you seem to still need it), learn to play the game, or get the fuck out.

    You want to express a different opinion from one of the hosts in a calm, reasoned, and logical fashion? I’ll be the first to jump in on a good, old-fashioned debate. You want to spit shit out of your mouth like a damned retard? I’ll be the first to smack you down for such idiocy. I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt for the moment, since you’ve at least gone to the trouble of putting an example of my cosplaying abilities on your Facebook page, and presume that you’re a reasonable person, just suffering from a touch of the downs at the moment. If that is, indeed, the case, then feel free to engage in a rational discussion next time, or at the very least, don’t suggest that others don’t have any right to speak to their opinions, in a calm, reasoned manner. They have every right to speak to their opinions, so long as they qualify them appropriately, as was done in this case.

    On a more personal note, there’s a bit of a life lesson which you ought to learn from all of this: Don’t be such a fucking douche.

  6. fighto says:

    I’m sorry, but I just snapped at the Maria-sama ga Miteru remark.

    I wouldn’t have bothered me so much they had stopped when she said she didn’t watch the show.

    I just think Maria-sama is one of those shows you have to watch in order to have a opinion of it, much like most moe shows. While I don’t like moe shows I give it a chance and watch it before I start saying junk about it. I don’t think it was being portrayed fairly and I got illogically mad.

    I apologize to for being a douchebag and trolling here and general rudeness, swearing and that I do sincerely apologize. I’m not usually like this… I’m no certified expert. I just watched the show.

    Again I apologize to Clarissa and any hurt feelings I may have caused all parties, because I realize I must have hurt her feelings but I am a jerk and can’t help but shoot off my mouth. But even though I’m jerk and idiot, I know when to apologize because I know it’s nice to hurt people’s feelings. So again I sincerely apologize because what I said hurt your feelings.

    I can’t un-write words written nor do I intend to say I didn’t say those things. I take responsibility for saying those things I said and apologized for hurt feelings. I would have come in and said it in person if I had the time. Maybe I will. I would have regretted not saying it more, than saying it at all even if it was rude and stupid.

    This is the reaction people will have to your show and rarely people react because (I assume) they’re not listening or turn it off.

    Even if it was stupid thing to say, I do listen to your show and disagree with almost everything. Usually when I disagree, I will tell someone not to listen to this podcast. But when you guys say something good I’ll recommend the episode.

    I haven’t said anything until now or commented until now. I want to say even though I am grateful for the effort you guys put into the show, but it’s not all in one ear out the other.

    I continue to listen and do recommend certain episodes because I give this podcast a chance. But I’m not just going to idly sit by and listen all the time. Again, I regret not saying things more than saying them. But I will apologize for hurt feelings.

    I really think that Maria-sama ga Miteru is a show that you have to watch before you have something to say about it. It’s not all lesbians, and if it was it would be a more interesting show if it was. I USUALLY don’t complain or troll. (This is a first.)

    Again most people have common sense not to respond or e-mail this podcast, but since I don’t have any–I comment, positive or negative.

    Again I sincerely apologize for any hurt feelings and will come in and apologize in person if you would like because I am sincerely sorry for hurting your feelings. But I’m not gonna pretend I didn’t say those things. Because yeah, I did.

    Random note: People really like that picture of us! HI ADAM! XD Don’t stop saying what you want, it makes the podcast more interesting!

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