Anime Roundtable #46

This week, we begin with some thoughts from a fan translator and James’ attempt to see Kite Liberator on the big screen. Then we talk at length about Crunchyroll. Anime Boston’s registration issues, more Someday’s Dreamers anime, and the first Geneon rescue are loaded and shot in the bullets segment. And finally, Mike responds to being called out on the blog…then Adam finishes the job.

Note: We mentioned that we were video taping the episode but due to technical difficulties, we don’t have it available. We apologize…although I am glad, otherwise you would have caught me singing an Easter Carol.

Mike Nicolas, James Austin, Adam Grant, Enrico Bianco. (1:05:55)



  1. Enrico says:

    This is a bit embarrassing but I must correct myself. TV in Japan did report that there was an official Gaki no Tsukai channel created on YouTube but it turned out to be illegitimate. Basically, some random user not affiliated with the show created the account and channel. I went to check on it recently and was told that the account had been suspended.

    However, the point I made about Japanese companies noticing YouTube and other such sites still stands; popular Japanese TV clips do get taken down due to complaints from the copyright holders more often now than they ever used to.

  2. Okina says:

    I guess I now have to correct this too. We’re no longer mentioned at the top when you enter “Hentai Lawyer” in Google. Actually we’re not mentioned at all if you do that now.

    I don’t know how to feel about that…

  3. ACFTM says:

    Yes, you are! I searched for Hentai Lawyer in quotation marks in Google, and Anime Roundtable is 4th on the list. =)

    It sucks that the video had problems xp Watching you guys talk is fun. And sing. lol, you guys should cosplay at Anime North =p

    I’m happy Darkhorse did that for MPD-Psycho, especially since I’m gonna get that series later.

  4. Daryl Surat says:

    Adam really seems to ruin the show. He taste in anime is crappy too.

    Maybe if watched some kick ass anime like Getter Robo, Golgo 13 and Giant Robo he would see the light and stop watching Moe/loli crap. For now all he is, is a spy for the dread spectre of moe.

  5. Angela says:

    Oh dear… the Anime Roundtable, cosplaying? That could be interesting.

    I don’t always agree with Adam, but I think he brings a lot of interesting opinions to the table. The episode about Kodomo no Jikan with Courteney was particularly interesting since each side had such a wildly different point of view on the matter. It was definitely food for thought, whether you’re in the moe faction or the gar guard.

  6. Enrico says:

    “moe faction” and “gar guard”… wow, Angela. Wow. =D

    Honestly, just based on what I’m translating I’m probably firmly in the “moe faction”. That’s not to say that Adam and I agree entirely. For example, we’ve agreed to disagree on Kanon and its remake. =P


  7. atsu says:

    wow the hentai sherch thing is a serous accomplishment

  8. Adam annoys me says:

    That is all

  9. Daryl Surat says:

    Hi, I’m the REAL Daryl Surat. I just want everyone to know that whomever it was that left Comment #4 is not me. Another person wrote it and signed my name without my knowledge or consent.

    Whoever this person is (your IP address is, please stop impersonating me here and anywhere else.

  10. Adam says:

    I’ve actually seen Getter Robo, Golgo 13, and Giant Robo. Of all the shows to exemplify “kickass” anime, that’s all you could come up with? Are you 13? Why not add Akira and Dragonball Z to the list?

  11. Adam says:

    Actually, let me clarify on Golgo 13. I do like how much of a ridiculous badass he is, despite how ridiculous the backdrop. The NES games are hard as hell, and the live actions are the cheesiest possible. I would still seldom class it as “kickass”, especially considering all the other spectacular anime out there.

  12. Enrico says:

    Considering comments #4 and #9, I’d really like it if the blog could support logging in with OpenID to post comments. Does your installation of WordPress support that, Okina?

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