Best Wishes Terry

Just wanted to quickly wish our good friend Terry Visser a speedy recovery. As we mentioned last year during the Comic Den episode (episode #23), one of the main reasons the store closed was because of the foot condition Terry has, and that every few years he has to go in for surgery to correct…More

Anime Roundtable #47

The regular season finale. First some thoughts on reading manga in digital forms. Then after seeing IGN’s elaborate April Fool’s joke, we talk about a few good ones. Then a listener e-mail prompts a discussion on the merits of North American cartoons over the last 20 years. In an extended bullets segment, we talk about…More

TV viewing tonight: Animania and update on ep #47

If you’re in Ontario and can get OMNI2 tune in at 11pm tonight for a documentary that was partly taped at Anime North a few years ago. Animania had its broadcast premier a few months ago in Japanese, but the english version is set to premier tonight. Yup, it’s about anime culture in North America.…More