Anime Roundtable #50: Sho Ga Nai

Mike and James apologize and look back on the headache that was the Saturday night (early Sunday) taping of the historic episode 50 at Anime North. Despite all of the off topic talk (which was edited out and will be made available on a later date), we did manage to talk for a very long…More

Episode 50 later this week…maybe

And almost right on cue after taping the 50th episode with both Adam and Neil…I need a few days to both recover AND decide what to do with what was recorded. Because of that, the episode won’t come on for at least a few days. If you were at the actual recording of the episode…More

Anime Roundtable #49

I don’t know if it was us trying to deal with the feedback with the speakers in the room (something we rarely use), or the fact it was 11:30pm and we were all very tired, but it might sound a little faded. Apologies in advance. In our first episode this year from Anime North, we…More

Roundtable Live at Anime North this weekend

Here are the details for our second year of shows at Canada’s biggest Anime convention. We’ll be taping two episodes of the podcast live at Anime North on Friday and Saturday night at 11pm in the New York Room (aka Video Room 4) in the Doubletree Hotel. This will be part of the Late Night…More

Anime Roundtable #48

In our first episode in more than a month, and the final one before Anime North, we talk about the licenses that happened around another convention, and the questions that have arisen from them. Then our attention turns to Japan. First what they feel are the best anime features of all time, and then bad…More