Anime Roundtable #48

In our first episode in more than a month, and the final one before Anime North, we talk about the licenses that happened around another convention, and the questions that have arisen from them. Then our attention turns to Japan. First what they feel are the best anime features of all time, and then bad behavior in Akihabara.

And we do it with two Austins. Trust me, when you hear them, you’ll know they’re related.

Mike Nicolas, James Austin, Enrico Bianco, Matt Austin. (1:05:45)

Links of Interest

Pictures of the Limited Edition Lucky Star t-shirts (you know you want to see this).

Increased patrols in Akihabara.

Asuka Sawamoto’s arrest in Akihabara.

Anime Genesis

Since we mentioned this. Here’s what happened when Howie Mandel saw the models from the Filipino version of Deal or No Deal make their entrance.


  1. iniksbane says:

    Eh… I like Adam just fine. But I like not having Adam just fine too. It’s just a different show when he’s there. Anyways good show.

  2. koneko-chan says:

    I wish I could say just as many good things about the other Filipino shows on TFC (ABS-CBN)… As much as I like Filipino Deal or No Deal entrance, it gave me a horrible flashback to Wowowee and further more reminding me how overused dancing is in Filipino television.

    As much as you guys gripe about the Maple Leafs, I went to college and go to work in the Philadelphia area. It’s a regional pastime here to talk about the area’s sports teams and their continuous choking. This past week at work, all I’ve been hearing is that Sid the Kid should have his head hanging from the Ben Franklin Bridge.

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