Roundtable Live at Anime North this weekend

Here are the details for our second year of shows at Canada’s biggest Anime convention.

We’ll be taping two episodes of the podcast live at Anime North on Friday and Saturday night at 11pm in the New York Room (aka Video Room 4) in the Doubletree Hotel. This will be part of the Late Night Programming. Check the Anime North website for the entire schedule.

The taping session is usually about 2 hours long because we’ll be fully setting up the studio from scratch, hopefully actually taping around 11:30 each time. But we hope you can drop on by right from 11pm, we’ll be having a few giveaways and surprises as things go from start to finish.  Just so you know, the best parts are always likely to happen when the tape recorder is off.

If you miss the tapings don’t worry, we’ll be putting up each episode before 6am the following morning. Consider it a good way to wake up before each day of the con.

And to answer the question now, Neil and Adam are set to do the Saturday episode together…..consider that your warning in advance.

We hope you can join me and the rest of the crew for a fun evening of anime talk and con news as it happens. Or at least come out and actually put a face to the voices you regularly hear on the show. See you on Friday Night!!

Update: Since a few of you have asked. We should let you know who’s set to do which episode. Mike and James will be doing both episodes. Mohamed and Angela will join us on Friday, and Neil and Adam as mentioned will be on tap for Saturday. Now to cover my ass I’ll also add these are subject to change. There may be a few surprises in store.

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  1. Buster Blader 126 says:

    Ahh, I noticed this while checking out the newly released schedule at Anime North’s website.

    Unless something happens that would otherwise prevent me from attending, I’ll definitely be there for at least one night, if not both.

    By the way, who else is confirmed to do the taping(s), other than Mike, Adam and Neil?

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