Anime Roundtable #49

I don’t know if it was us trying to deal with the feedback with the speakers in the room (something we rarely use), or the fact it was 11:30pm and we were all very tired, but it might sound a little faded. Apologies in advance.

In our first episode this year from Anime North, we once again come back to Makoto Shinkai. Then talk about the themes in the Animania documentary taped at AN in 2006. Finally three bullets, Japanese takes on manga with heart, Takeshi Murakami’s 15 million dollar sale, and Jojo’s tension with Islam.

And at the end of it all, we say goodbye to Angela who will be heading for Japan to teach english beginning in August.

Mike Nicolas, James Austin, Angela Jordan, Mohamed Sharmarke (1:05:35)


Links of Interest

What Japan Thinks are their most moving manga

Icarus Blog on the Murakami figure auction with picture of “Hiropon” (NSFW)

Gawker Blog on the auction with a picture of the figure “My Lonesome Cowboy” (NSFW…what a surprise)

Japan Probe on the Jojo’s Muslim controversy


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  1. Craig Mcleod says:

    A small comment: Mamoru Hosoda’s Digimon involvement was mentioned in AWO but they never said anything about Digimon being not good in general.

    Also, they made comments to the rummor that the One Piece movie he worked on (Movie 6, I belive) was a representation of his time at Studio Ghibli whilst working on Howel’s Moving castle which was orgionaly his work but (one way or another) he left and Miazaki took the reigns.

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