Anime Roundtable #53

Neil makes his first appearance of the season, and find out what he and Adam say about Clarissa when she’s not here. Also some video game talk, and Neil’s take on Fan Expo in the idle talk. Then getting down to business, we talk about the end of Toonami and what to look forward to…More

Anime Roundtable #52

After another month off, here we are with the season premiere. After starting off the season talking a little bit about the Toronto conventions, we’ll go through the legal items talking about the Canadian Bill C-61 (a proposed ammendment to the copyright act and then a legal paper trying to justify the need for fansubs…More

New episode by next weekend…we hope

And another long hiatus.  Nothing like the lazy and hazy days of summer. Just wanted to tell everyone we’re still not dead and that the new season begins next week.  And as tradition goes, the first show of the season will have our thoughts on the Toronto conventions over the summer. Also a quick heads…More