Anime Roundtable #52

After another month off, here we are with the season premiere. After starting off the season talking a little bit about the Toronto conventions, we’ll go through the legal items talking about the Canadian Bill C-61 (a proposed ammendment to the copyright act and then a legal paper trying to justify the need for fansubs (and how it’s flawed in Adam’s eyes). All that peppered with a discussion on fan auctions and dating, and a question that got asked over and over again.

And if you thought having Neil paired with Adam was fun, wait until you hear what happens when Adam and Clarissa are paired up here for the first time…

Mike Nicolas, James Austin, Adam Grant, Clarissa Jewell (1:06:21)


Links of Interest

Adam’s personal notes on



  1. iniksbane says:

    And Adam proves why prostitution is so much easier than dating.

    Great show.

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