Anime Roundtable #56

Mike was thinking about the next episode then realized he had forgotten about putting up the last one. You can blame that on either personal matters (ie moving) or his feeble attempt to block out what happened in the episode. Mercifully it wasn’t as news oriented as it usually is. Five around the table as…More

Anime Roundtable #55

After Mike successfully finds a nicer room to tape, we start off this week with Adam showing signs of interest in girls closer to his age…then he spends the rest of the show in a degenerative spiral hoping for coffee. In all of that Mike poses updated thoughts on impressions of things in our little…More

Anime Roundtable #54

The Anime Roundtable takes a video game turn when the crew discusses downloadable, paid extras. Then it gets back to more normal content with thoughts on new and switched licenses, the iPhone in Japan, a new Nintendo DS, and something about dying in a porn store. All this while we introduce a newcomer around the…More