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We finally introduce our new feature where the regulars get the chance to sound off on anything they want by themselves. It can be a reflection, it can be a story, and yes it can be an angry rant. But it is all genuine.

In the first edition of Space To Rant, Mike looks back on the NHK Red and White Show, its broadcast history in Canada, and the woman behind bringing it here. Something appropriate for New Year’s.

Mike Nicolas (8:00)

Links of Interest

Official NHK Kouhaku Website (In Japanese)

Susan Tsuji’s Obituary in the Toronto Star

Here’s Akiko Wada’s memorable performance finishing off the 49th Kouhaku in 1998.


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Anime Roundtable #60

The final episode of 2008 sees the guys talk about Crunchyroll’s first attempt at a paid service and other legal options for watching anime now. Then a trio of bullets about 2ch’s reactions to what manga are popular in different parts of the world, reactions to who wants to play Spike in a live action Cowboy Bebop, and reactions to the idea of a Canadian made Persocom. Yes It-chan may actually be Canadian…don’t know if we should be proud of that. And a really good Final Insult that might be worthy of the name.

What a great way to start the holidays.

Mike Nicolas, James Austin, Adam Grant (1:30:05)

Links of Interest

Ontario Travel Website
Crunchyroll Paid Service Price List
Sankaku Complex on 2ch opinions on most popular manga overseas (NSFW)
CTV Story on Android Builder


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Anime Roundtable #59

The Visser Brothers face an audience for the first time, all the while being distracted by Judge Judy on the TV (Mike for reference got distracted by his phone). At the meat of things, we talk about Geneon changing hands from Dentsu to Universal Pictures International, more Comic Book Legal Defense, and thoughts on Hobbystar’s night before Christmas mini con.

Mike Nicolas, James Austin, Terry Visser, Anthony Visser (1:22:36)

Links of Interest

Hi Tech Tattoos


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Anime Roundtable #58

Adam asks Mike to play with the Garageband controls and what results is the single biggest (and longest) file yet. In it, James faces the music over being away last week, while Enrico has no clue what has happened. In between comments about condo noises, going through bookstores, and teasing the upcoming contests, we get Japanese political as we talk about Miyazaki’s comments concerning Prime Minister Aso’s manga fandom. Then we start looking a little bit back on 2008 with “Over/Under” questions originally meant for the summer license pool. Bullet wise, we’ll look the Wii manga reader, then read into tourists at Japan’s most famous fish market. Then Adam gives a dramatic Final Insult as he gets Canadian Political.

…I told you it would be the longest file yet. But trust me it’s a good one.

Mike Nicolas, Adam Grant, Enrico Bianco, James Austin (1:28:45)

Links of Interest

Detailed version of Miyazaki Comments on PM Aso

Tsukiji Fish Market Website in English


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