Anime Roundtable #58

Adam asks Mike to play with the Garageband controls and what results is the single biggest (and longest) file yet. In it, James faces the music over being away last week, while Enrico has no clue what has happened. In between comments about condo noises, going through bookstores, and teasing the upcoming contests, we get Japanese political as we talk about Miyazaki’s comments concerning Prime Minister Aso’s manga fandom. Then we start looking a little bit back on 2008 with “Over/Under” questions originally meant for the summer license pool. Bullet wise, we’ll look the Wii manga reader, then read into tourists at Japan’s most famous fish market. Then Adam gives a dramatic Final Insult as he gets Canadian Political.

…I told you it would be the longest file yet. But trust me it’s a good one.

Mike Nicolas, Adam Grant, Enrico Bianco, James Austin (1:28:45)

Links of Interest

Detailed version of Miyazaki Comments on PM Aso

Tsukiji Fish Market Website in English



  1. iniksbane says:

    Hey, I liked the episode. Personally, I’m kind of curious about whether you all think Funimation’s current trend of release everything sounds a bit like ADV’s and if you all think it’ll work.

    (And didn’t Bandai release Lucky Star? Or was that Kadokawa?)

  2. Buster Blader 126 says:

    Kadokawa Pictures USA is the official lisencee, while Bandai Entertainment is doing the distribution.

    This week’s episode was fairly good, on all accounts. Adam’s final insult was rather interesting to listen to, as well.

    It’s also nice to hear another non-regular (Enrico in this case) again, after a few weeks.

  3. ACFTM says:

    That was a fun, interesting, and intellectual listen. The over/under segment was good. I say do it again =D What were the two series that were mentioned in the podcast? James mentioned one and Adam mentioned one and I don’t think I heard them correctly. Was one called Solia? And the other Bokura ga tou? I also think the Wii manga reader thing is lame.

  4. James says:

    Listening to the podcast again it seems I butchered the name of the manga I recommended, which was Solanin.

    Here is a summary from ANN:

    Anyone interested on the source of Miyazaki’s comments can look to this Japan Times Article here:

    As well, there are video links in the article to other comments he made to the Foreign Correspondents Club in Tokyo.

  5. Buster Blader 126 says:

    If I remember correctly, Adam was talking about Bokura ga Ita. I don’t know if he is aware of this, but Viz has actually licensed the manga, with the title “We Were There.”

  6. ACFTM says:

    Thanks for the clarifications, James and Buster Blader 126. I’m gonna check both those series out. And thanks for the that other link, James. It’s quite interesting.

  7. Adam says:

    It is ‘Bokura ga Ita’. Licensing the manga may be a great start, but the anime is spectacular, with spot-on character design, animation, voice acting, and music. It’s honestly a shame how unlikely it is to be picked up.

  8. Buster Blader 126 says:

    I watched the first nine episodes of BgI, and I liked it a fair bit, despite Yano acting like a bit of a prick at times (or at least I remember his character annoying me, but it’s been over two years since I saw those episodes). It’s kind of sad to see that a shojo title has to be either really popular (Ouran) or part of a packaging deal (only speculation, but I doubt FUNimation would actually, really go after titles like Sasami: Magical Girl Club and Save Me! Lollipop). And even then, being popular doesn’t give it any guarantee, though that might just be a Viz thing.

    The hunt for Solanin today at the mini-con ended up being a bust, on another note. =/

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