Anime Roundtable #59

The Visser Brothers face an audience for the first time, all the while being distracted by Judge Judy on the TV (Mike for reference got distracted by his phone). At the meat of things, we talk about Geneon changing hands from Dentsu to Universal Pictures International, more Comic Book Legal Defense, and thoughts on Hobbystar’s night before Christmas mini con.

Mike Nicolas, James Austin, Terry Visser, Anthony Visser (1:22:36)

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  1. Vincent says:

    Just a heads up, both the mp3 & Ipod link are the m4a version.

  2. Okina says:

    Thank you Vincent. Link corrected.

  3. iniksbane says:

    Just an additional long running manga title to through in the mix would be NANA. (I’m only mentioning it cause I started watching the anime and got hooked and then got a bit overwhelmed.) Although I have a feeling it could be winding up soon.

    Or at least, I can’t imagine why it wouldn’t wrap up soon.

  4. iniksbane says:

    Oh yeah, and a comment on the whole obscenity case. Honestly, I think part of the deal there is where it is taking place. Iowa isn’t really a liberal state when it comes to sodomy. In fact, I’d say I’m less surprised when you said it was yaoi then I would be if it was lolicon.

    Granted… that is kind of scary.

    But my personal opinion is it doesn’t make a whole bunch of sense. Even from a political angle. Unfortunantly, most county governments aren’t made out of money (I know in Washington state they actually HAVE to have balanced budgets, even if they dip into their reserves to get them.) So, it seems like a waste to go after headlines when it seems like you’re prosecuting some guy, whose only crime is owning comic books that people don’t like.

  5. Buster Blader 126 says:

    The voice actress in question is Rie Kugimiya, who as of late has become well-known to voice (underdeveloped) tsundere characters, like Shana, and Louise in The Familiar of Zero,

    There was definitely more people at the mini-con this year in comparison to last year. I don’t remember waiting that long in line last year.

    Didn’t purchase too much, either. Manga-wise, I didn’t pick up any of my urgent wants – I didn’t see Solanin everywhere.

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