Anime Roundtable #60

The final episode of 2008 sees the guys talk about Crunchyroll’s first attempt at a paid service and other legal options for watching anime now. Then a trio of bullets about 2ch’s reactions to what manga are popular in different parts of the world, reactions to who wants to play Spike in a live action Cowboy Bebop, and reactions to the idea of a Canadian made Persocom. Yes It-chan may actually be Canadian…don’t know if we should be proud of that. And a really good Final Insult that might be worthy of the name.

What a great way to start the holidays.

Mike Nicolas, James Austin, Adam Grant (1:30:05)

Links of Interest

Ontario Travel Website
Crunchyroll Paid Service Price List
Sankaku Complex on 2ch opinions on most popular manga overseas (NSFW)
CTV Story on Android Builder



  1. Buster Blader 126 says:

    First off, I’m going to assume that Evan or Leon told James that I attend UTM, since I never mentioned this to him. Prior to that thought running through my mind, my first thought was “how did he know that??” Also, I think I’m going to pass on the James impersonation contest. XD

    In regards to the Crunchyroll talk, I essentially agree with Adam – those rates seem rather steep. And besides, if it means waiting a week to see it for free, then I’ll take that route – one week of waiting won’t kill me, after all.

    In terms of the Final Insult, what was said was very intriguing to hear. I don’t often read the Hey Answerman! threads on ANN so I haven’t seen too much of Zac in action, though I think I know what Mike was talking about in regards to him voicing his criticisms (unless it was a private conversation, then scratch that).

    In any case, Happy Holidays, everybody.

  2. iniksbane says:

    And a Merry Christmas to you to, from the snowy state of Washington.

    On the whole streaming issue, honestly Funimation has about eight or so series (I’m feeling too lazy to look it up) on, either in full or in part. They actually have a lot of variation. That and I’ve been watching Shikabane Hime and it isn’t too bad for what it is.

    On Zac leaving Answerman. Well I think y’all know my opinion as far as Zac goes. But I wouldn’t necessarily take it as far as Adam, mostly because I’m willing to cut him a little slack, and well, I’m not Adam. But I understand where you’re coming from.

    Oh yeah, and what was the name of that anime Adam was talking about as the best romantic romantic anime of the year? I didn’t catch it.

  3. Dj City says:

    Oh may god what happen to the audio it way over Modulation (aka over red line by audio files) it is very hard on the ears (i was listing to the ipod ver).

  4. Okina says:

    Oops, second week in a row I made all download links the m4a version. They’ve all been corrected. Sorry for the trouble.

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