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Anime Roundtable #62

Adam makes his first appearance of the 2009, showing the damage from a week in Cuba. First we make jokes about the latest problems in Mike’s place, York University (which really is the punchline), the PS3, and the fallout from Right Stuf’s 12 Days of Christmas sale. Then we give lip service to the licenses from the Christmas season, with an interesting set of thoughts for one of them. Bullets wise, library recommendations, how a manga artists paints his house, and how a town painted their town in another type of brush.

Mike Nicolas, James Austin, Adam Grant (1:47:20)


Links of Interest

Mainichi News Story on Kazuo Umezu’s stripe painted house
The town of Ogu and their moe makeover
Info on Otaku no Musume-san
Otaku Diaries on the Reverse Theives Anime Blog

Anime 82

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Anime Roundtable #61

So after yet another month off, the Canadian Roundtable finally decides to return for a less politically incorrect version (Adam is off this week).

In this inaugural episode of 2009, we’ll spend the idle talk (and about half the show) on university labour strife, the Inauguration itself (duh), and the follow up on the NHK Kouhaku. Then on the important stuff, we’ll take a look at the Diamond Comics benchmarks, and then a brief talk about the Hetalia manga and anime, political correctness and Korea.

Mike Nicolas, James Austin, Geoff Greig (1:05:50)

Links of Interest

Jero’s Official Website (in Japanese)
Newsarama article on Diamond changes
Sankaku Complex page about Korean campaign to promote video game (NSFW)
TV Tropes site on Axis Powers Hetalia

Two Assholes Talking About Nerd Stuff
Anime World Order


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