Anime Roundtable #66: Technical Difficulties

Ever wondered what the show would sound like if it was recorded on just the default mic of the recording laptop? Well that’s what happened for the first 45 mins this week as Mike forgot to properly hook the board in before recording. Didn’t help when Garageband stalled a few times during the episode, or…More

Anime Roundtable #65

Mike had wished to keep the episode under two hours. But when Megan’s ex-boyfriend and Adam’s co-host makes his first appearance on the show, Mike can just keep wishing. In this two plus hour infomercial for TATANS, we talk about the relevance of cultures in fiction (especially anime) in light of the last couple weeks,…More

Space to Rant #4: Douché (Colbert Pronunciation)

Mike sighs as he needs Rant Space to once again talk about credentials and credibility in the anime fandom and industry circles in North America. This after being called ignorant and disrespectful to the industry, by a member of the industry. Mike wonders if this was worth his time in the end, but spent it…More

Space to Rant #3: Valentine’s Edition

Megan uses her cell phone to Gabcast her dating tips to geeks, and her thoughts about dating in the the geek sense. It really isn’t all that complicating. Megan Swaine (3:20)    More

Anime Roundtable #64

Plenty of everything this week, anger, laughter, insults, and time (lots of it). Oh yeah, and maybe some good material to ponder too. We start this week by answering a call out on the blog. Then we talk at length about Valentines Day in Japan, and the latest in gifts for the girls this year.…More

Space To Rant #2: A Bite out of a spoiled ‘roll

The other members of the Roundtable finally begin to take up some Rant Space. So while we wait for the taping of the next episode, Enrico looks back one of our last episodes of 2008 and gives his honest feelings about Crunchyroll’s current direction. Enrico Bianco (5:11)More

Anime Roundtable #63

Adam talks about the weird experience watching Kodocha without the original theme song, which leads to a discussion about the use of likeness in Japanese media. Then, not much in the way of news this week, so the group plays Over/Under in looking ahead to the year in the anime and manga industry. Bullets wise,…More