Anime Roundtable #63

Adam talks about the weird experience watching Kodocha without the original theme song, which leads to a discussion about the use of likeness in Japanese media. Then, not much in the way of news this week, so the group plays Over/Under in looking ahead to the year in the anime and manga industry. Bullets wise, we look at the disturbing case of a missing 14 year old girl with a 43 year old man headed for an anime con and wonder why it doesn’t happen more, thoughts on the tease concerning the next Haruhi anime series, and adult items being promoted with adult titles…which may or may not make any sense.

Mike Nicolas, James Austin, Adam Grant (1:34:20)


Links of Interests

Catholic Priest in Osaka arrested for molestation
Condoms with a hentai twist
Danny Choo’s Awesome Oppai Mouse Pad Experience (NSFW)
Dead or Alive Kasumi Mouse Pad

Ninja Consultant
Dave and Joel’s Fast Karate For The Gentleman


  1. Skwerly says:

    Here’s your new Haruhi (Well, not quite, but it’s subbed, legit and straight from Kadokawa):

    Smoked-cheese, nyoro~n?

  2. Skwerly says:

    Looks like Kadokawa has removed the first ep as the posted the 2nd ep, (so, should you want to watch it, you’d have to watch it asap):

  3. Chris Sobieniak says:

    I feel the pain of those that wished we had the Sakura Wars games here already than just the anime. I tend to feel like there’s a bit of emptiness in the way they bother to just bring over the anime anyway than to take a gamble at releasing the games.

    As with most other things I tend to favor personally that’s not over here in the US, anime has always gone down for having decades of mis-opportunities for things to shine in North America. There’s shows I wish were brought over or aired on TV but never happened (sometimes Europe or Latin America may get lucky with that anyway), we Americans just have to suffer greatly.

    Still seems like a lame excuse for me if the only reason to learn Japanese is to simply play games like this, since I do think it makes me feel rather creep out if I’m the only one ever doing it while others don’t even know. Sad if that’s the way things are as usual. Like being the one guy who’s into looking through old newspapers and thinking of great 1976 was based on the movie listings alone!

    Interesting to hear of the problem that happened with the original Iron Chef series (feel like sticking a reference of that in one of my own comics just to make a joke about some guy not appearing in a show for whatever reason I can stick in).

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