Space to Rant #3: Valentine’s Edition

Megan uses her cell phone to Gabcast her dating tips to geeks, and her thoughts about dating in the the geek sense. It really isn’t all that complicating.

Megan Swaine (3:20)




  1. Gigashame says:

    Megan, I sympathize with your situation and would like to be the first to say that if it were possible I would take you out on a date. Believe in yourself Megan! You deserve happiness and love!

  2. ACFTM says:

    This was an interesting listen. What you said about the guy needing to make clear his intentions is so true. It’s so interesting how some words can carry so much weight and can drastically change one’s perspective on things. I hope you find your happiness =)

  3. Sean says:

    i fond it a intresting listen but im in a situatuion where girls will go out on 1 date and use the usual line i only like you as a friend it doesnt help i have a strong american accent living in ireland which makes me stand out a bit more not in the best of lights

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