Space to Rant #4: Douché (Colbert Pronunciation)

Mike sighs as he needs Rant Space to once again talk about credentials and credibility in the anime fandom and industry circles in North America. This after being called ignorant and disrespectful to the industry, by a member of the industry. Mike wonders if this was worth his time in the end, but spent it to show respect to this particular member of the industry. Clearly more than what this person really deserves.

Mike Nicolas (15:37)



  1. Dj City says:

    good one mike, I have 1 thing Ilike to add. When I was learning Japanese (and still at it) I find “Tsu” is one of the hard ones to get right as the Japanese have it with R and L.

    if Mieko has a problem with what they say… don’t listen! or he/she could be a troll just trying to get a rise out of the the show. Don’t let it get you down.

  2. iniksbane says:

    The title for this really should be Douchay 🙂 Or Touche, or something.

    I’m actually going to direct this comment towards Mieko. After reading your comments, I find your lack of professionalism and lack of tolerance disturbing to say the least.

    If you are a professional translator, then that’s great, but what exactely does that have to do with anything. Frankly, who cares whether or not Mike didn’t pronounce a name perfectly correctly. You say it’s because it shows a lack of respect or demonstrates an ignorance. But you don’t say HOW it does that.

    And furthermore, WHO FRICKEN CARES? Why do I or they need to show “respect” to the language? What does that have anything to do with enjoying a story told on the screen. Really? Frankly, I don’t usually even watch the shows in the original language. What does paying “respect” to the language have to do with enjoying fiction.

    On top of that, I find your name dropping a bit ridiculous. Yes, AWO is a good podcast. Where they discuss the culture behind these shows in terms of the shows. They’re strength is that they’re funny, nipponphiles.

    The strength of this show is that they often talk about anime related news generally specific to the industry. THEY AREN’T AWO. And honestly, if they tried to be AWO then I wouldn’t listen to them. Because I don’t need to listen to two AWO shows.

    So in summation, suck it up. Because while our entertainment may depend on you. YOUR JOB DEPENDS ON US!!!!!!! And I for one, don’t care what YOU think at all.

    I apologize to Mike. This has no connection to Anime Roundtable and are my own words.

  3. iniksbane says:

    Wow… I had a lot of grammatical mistakes in that. I apologize to any native English speakers. (Including myself) 🙂

  4. Enrico says:

    I really felt this speech. It was spoken with the strength, conviction, and humility of a true gentleman. I feel incredibly proud to be counted as a part of your roundtable and I’d like you to know that as a fellow podcaster, as well as a friend, I’ll always have your back. =)

    I hope that we can now bring the conversation back to what really matters: Japanese animation, comics, and the people who produce, distribute, market, and retail them (as well as the other topics that connect to those, even if only loosely).

  5. Skwerly says:

    Though I am thankful for the work that translators like Mieko does in bringing anime to the the level of accessibility today, as many here, I can’t help feeling disappointed by the tone that was reflected in the posts criticizing Mike and the rest of this crew.

    Does this mean that one should not correct another’s mistakes? No, but I believe that one should do so in a way that is encouraging, especially if one represents the industry that is spoken of.

    Not wanting to re-hash things that have already been said, I will say this. From my internet blog-wanderings in general (admittedly most of them not anime-related), I’ve noticed that comments made by professionals related to a thread’s topic were generally made to inform and educate in a way that reflects positively on their profession. (Though not necessary, there’s also a tendency to sign off with their name, job title and company.)

    In any case, may we all move on from this on a more positive note.

  6. Duane says:

    This was an interesting rant. Of course, it’s no secret that the internet is full of people who throw their own weight around. My only problem in appreciating it (beyond the normal internet-type argument) is that I’m not really familiar with the context. I looked through the comments going back several episodes and didn’t notice any posts by a “mieke.” I probably missed something in the episode, but is there anywhere to see this mieke’s original posts?

    As a side note, I’ve been catching up on episodes (I got almost a year ago and am just now catching up), and I personally feel like the quality of the episodes has been excellent. I really like hearing everyone’s perspectives on the industry (as well as the occasional political issue and bits of news from Toronto; we here in the US tend to be kind of self-absorbed) and I’ve even grown to appreciate Adam’s presence. 🙂 Thanks for everything you do!

  7. Skwerly says:

    Duane: It all started in “Space To Rant #1”

  8. Duane says:

    Thanks! For some reason I didn’t think to check the Space to Rant comments; I figured it had to be in an official episode. After I started listening to ep 65 I felt kinda slow. Oh well.

  9. Roundpeg says:

    I have been listening to this podcast for over a year now and maybe it’s time I leave a comment to let you guys know what it means to me. I sync up my Zune (yes Zune) everytime I see a new show come down the pipe. Every single time I do I specifically ask myself a question. “Hmmm I wonder if Mike is ever gonna smack the tar out of someone for interupting him for the thousanth time?” I myself live in the States but while the Canadian dollar was really strong I helped a lot of Canadians buy cars here and import them into Canada to save them a few bucks. I actually got a real kick out of you guys mentioning towns that I had shipped a car to. I have always thoroughly enjoyed the show and the differing personalities and Mike’s ability to reign it all in and keep it moving forward without stepping on anyone else’s conversation. Int erupting someone is a sure sign of disrespect in my opinion and is a window to someone’s heart as to where they judge other people’s value. All my opinion but it’s the moral compass I have gauged myself against all my life. Mieko if you want to accuse Mike or anyone on this podcast of being disrespectful please for god sake point a finger just at Adam so we can at least get some decent discourse. At least then it will be more entertaining than just plain fucktarded (you have transcended beyond the normal realm of mental conditions and have been given a separate category from those who come by it honestly and don’t work to excel in it.
    Honestly if you find this podcast offensive you should check out mine when I finally get all my crap together. It’s 2lazy2botaku. I’m sure the sheer butchering of the language and the fact that I watch purely dubs due to a visual impairment will give you a premature case of cardiac splosion. We take ourselves far less seriously than this podcast and no that we won’t get where near the sheer quality this podcast provides. In fact Mieko, just so those and those of your whine tit kin would know straight out I chose that particular website name and put a nice hatemail forum up just for you guys so you can cry yourselves to sleep banging on the keyboard and masterbating at your own self proclaimed glory.
    Mike and all those at the Anime Roundtable,
    Een though I live in the States I have nothing but admiration for the Canadian people and their polite and friendly nature (sorry when I mean Canada For the most part that excludes Quebec). I have had extensive dealings with customers and Canadian truck drivers and even the Truck drivers were polite and civil. This being a fact that still baffles me to this day. In summation keep up the good work and sorry about the small book. I look forward to hearing all your podcasts and maybe I will finally get to hear Mike pimp slap Adam for interupting him again. Sorry about my spelling, but what do you really expect from a blind guy that usually has to rely on e books and speed reads or relies on audio media to get news and books.

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