Anime Roundtable #65

Mike had wished to keep the episode under two hours. But when Megan’s ex-boyfriend and Adam’s co-host makes his first appearance on the show, Mike can just keep wishing. In this two plus hour infomercial for TATANS, we talk about the relevance of cultures in fiction (especially anime) in light of the last couple weeks, more Japanese crime related to anime, more moe related products, and more on Funimation’s buying spree and the wishlist for stuff they’re already doing. Then Mike unveils details on the show’s very first contest…no seriously.

Mike Nicolas, James Austin, Adam Grant, Brent Chittenden (2:15:18)

Links of Interest

Moé Scale product page
Funimation’s Fan Wishlist


  1. Matt says:

    Thanks for the mention Mike. I actually would be interested to come to another show with you guys if your willing to have me back ^^.

    The program I am currently taking at school is Computer Systems Analyst/Technology. As well the exchange program should be pretty awesome as I am mainly staying in Osaka and going to Tokyo for a short time.

    As for the SF4 I am still waiting for a fight :). As mentioned in the show you talked about the Parry system in SF3 compared to the Focus system in SF4. The Focus system is a pretty interesting system as it can kind of be used like in a parry with what is called a FADC (Focus Attack Dash Cancel). Its basically where you focus attack right before an opponent attacks to reflect the hit followed by a dash where you cancel the focus attack so that you can go into a combo. (Kinda complicated to explain but you can probably google it)

    p.s. There will be much pain going to my brother for his mean comments :(. No love 😦

  2. Megan says:

    Great podcast!

    Adam: totally agree with you about Noir. The ending to that series made me want to throw the remote through my TV screen.

  3. Skwerly says:

    Shatner scale will encourage to take the All-Bran 10-Day Challenge.

    Re: Anime North Comic Market
    Apparently buttons are allowed to be sold (9a2):

    (No info yet on the “Anime North Crafter’s Corner”.)

    I agree with the Transformers comments.

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