Anime Roundtable #66: Technical Difficulties

Ever wondered what the show would sound like if it was recorded on just the default mic of the recording laptop? Well that’s what happened for the first 45 mins this week as Mike forgot to properly hook the board in before recording. Didn’t help when Garageband stalled a few times during the episode, or in the last ten minutes of the segment when the iBook’s cooling fan come on…

Anyway in all of that, some Canadian related items, seyuu stalkers hoping to strike back, Makoto Shinkai Day, the use of video game controllers in crime, and music that helps girls “bust out”.

Mike Nicolas, James Austin, Adam Grant (1:45:20)

Links of Interest

Canadian libraries looking to ban literature?
Haruna Ikezawa’s alleged stalker looking to sue? (NSFW)
Brazilian man holding woman hostage with a Sega light gun
Music helping increase bust size?
Japan Foundation Toronto hosting anime lectures


  1. Dj City says:

    default mic was pretty good, most in laptops are doomed to fail. but I wil say this “them birds man can they sing”. all an all it was a good show.

  2. ACFTM says:

    When the fan started to sound, for a while I thought it was coming from my computer o.O Adam’s voice sounded a little garbled in the beginning, but everything was listenable.

    I’m a little surprised by the talk of banning To Kill a Mockingbird and Catcher in the Rye. When I was in high school, those two books were required readings.

    I’d like to try out that ring tone… just to see if it would work. How the heck would one get it? lol

    That light gun story was hilarious.

  3. Buster Blader 126 says:

    The sound issues could’ve been much worse. The audio on the default mic wasn’t that bad.

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