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Anime Roundtable #69

Mike rationalizes this episode as something to nicely prepare him for the headache that’ll be taping at Anime North. The episode takes many different tangents as there is no real topic this week. Mike does remember talking quite a bit about the mini convention that passed last weekend in Toronto, the end of yet another Anime magazine and the coverage of it, and something about one of Adam’s favourite hentai game titles getting an official english release (nicely in line with it being episode 69). Also some thoughts on the play “Dog Sees God” which was mentioned last episode, a quick overview of the MacBook now recording this show, and the results of the contest with answers and the winner. Of course not necessarily in that order.

Mike Nicolas, James Austin, Adam Grant, Brent Chittenden (2:22:18)

Listen to it here or download from the links below. Links of interest, and feeds to be updated.

Producer’s Note: We used a feature on the latest edition of Garageband called “Auto Normalize”. The idea being two fold, first to bring up to acceptable levels sounds that might be too low, and second (which often applies here) to reduce clipping if the levels are too high. The trade off is that it may reduce the max volume of the final file. Please let us know what your preferences are, and whether or not we should continue to use this feature.

Links of Interest

Last Blood Trailer
Da Capo on Mangagamer.com

And on the topic of the contest, here’s some videos to show you who these wrestlers are.

A video featuring Kenta Kobashi, Mitsuharu Misawa, and Jun Akiyama in their heyday in the 90s. Set to “Invoke” the first opening to Gundam SEED by TM Revolution

The 2003 match between Kobashi and Misawa for the NOAH GHC Heavyweight Championship. Considered by many to be the match of the year and amongst the greatest in the last 10 years, mainly for its atmosphere and status of the two wrestlers.

A 1996 match between Jushin Thunder Liger and Great Muta. Famous because for the first time, Liger lost his cool.

A 2006 match between KENTA and Naomichi Marufuji for the NOAH GHC Junior Heavyweight Championship. These two were long time tag team partners, but seem to be pretty easy rivals too.

Kenta Kobashi making his first public appearance since announcing he had Cancer at the end of 2006. Notable for the cheers he got, something Japanese fans rarely do in such a way.

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The return to York University, and the likely retirement episode for the iBook that had recorded the show over the past three years. After talk about the York strike aftermath, James’ latest adventures with the exchange student from Osaka, and a tangent about anime DVD re-releases, we’ll take on the second part of the Ryerson lectures and Jaqueline Berndt’s talk about Japanese aesthetics and identity in anime. Bullets wise, we’ll chime in on the latest on a teen who went off with a “family friend” convention hopping, and the Curse of the Colonel Sanders statue. Then we end off on suggestions on where and when to listen to this show, and some recommendations for stuff going on in Toronto.

Mike Nicolas, James Austin, Adam Grant, Geoff Greig (1:54)

Links of Interest

Jaqueline Berndt’s Website (Mainly German)
Missing Oklahoma teen found in Washington State
Women’s soccer friendly at BMO Field, Canada vs. Japan
Dog Sees God Toronto Production

Ninja Consultant

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Anime Roundtable #67

So after Mike does a final check of the equipment, James begins this week with stories about the Japanese exchange student currently at his place. Then we get to the Japan Foundation lectures at Ryerson and talk about Kaichiro Morikawa’s discussion about the Otaku communities making their own space and how Akihabara changed to accommodate, and comparisons with other social spaces. In the bullets, French and English being French and English, and a not so novel stress relief idea in Akihabara getting a novel twist.

If you listen closely to the intro, you might here Mike giving off something that sounds like a burp in between sentences.

Mike Nicolas, James Austin, Adam Grant, Geoff Greig (2:14:37)

Links of Interest

Kaichiro Morikawa’s Website (Mainly Japanese)
Morikawa’s Paper on Akihabara’s changes
Article on Morikawa’s Venice Exhibit
French teens arrested for stealing video games
Akiba form of stress relief
UK looking to ban all forms of loli

R5 Central
The Japan Xperience

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Mike dropped his jaw and had to pick it up while listening to this again. But here it is, as good as it’ll get, all of what was recorded for the now infamous episode #50. Along with an intro and further thoughts from Mike nine months later. We didn’t get all of it, but you’ll know quickly that Neil and Adam were sooooo on that night, and gave the audience there what they were hoping for, and nearly gave Mike a stroke. Mike figures he’ll be stocking up on the Pocky for this year’s Anime North episodes.

“We are answering your request but…”

Intro by Mike Nicolas (1:16:31)

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Just a quick reminder that the lectures entitled, Anime and Contemporary Japanese Society goes on tomorrow evening at Ryerson University in downtown Toronto. This is being put on by the Japan Foundation Toronto. RSVP is recommended to guarantee a seat.

Once again information can be seen here, and on Facebook here.

Both Austin Brothers and myself are set to go and you can be sure this will come up on a future episode of the show (hey it rhymed). If you’re in the area, we hope to see you there.

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It dawned upon me over the weekend that the actual anniversary of the show is today. It was three years ago tonight when myself, Neil, and James sat in a classroom in the Bethune building at York University, across from the school’s anime club hosting their weekly screening, and started to talk about stuff going on in the anime world, with our Canadian sense.

I’ll say a little bit more about it this later this week. But I thought I’d regard it since it is today. Needless to say though, I am happy to have gotten to three years. Some say it’s been a waste of time, others say it’s been AN INCREDIBLE waste of time. Thank you to everyone for listening and wasting some of that time with us.

On that note, we’re actually leaning against doing an episode this week. However I may have a surprise for everyone by the end of the week for your listening pleasure or otherwise.

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