Anime Roundtable #69

Mike rationalizes this episode as something to nicely prepare him for the headache that’ll be taping at Anime North. The episode takes many different tangents as there is no real topic this week. Mike does remember talking quite a bit about the mini convention that passed last weekend in Toronto, the end of yet another…More

Anime Roundtable #68: Back to York U

The return to York University, and the likely retirement episode for the iBook that had recorded the show over the past three years. After talk about the York strike aftermath, James’ latest adventures with the exchange student from Osaka, and a tangent about anime DVD re-releases, we’ll take on the second part of the Ryerson…More

Anime Roundtable #67

So after Mike does a final check of the equipment, James begins this week with stories about the Japanese exchange student currently at his place. Then we get to the Japan Foundation lectures at Ryerson and talk about Kaichiro Morikawa’s discussion about the Otaku communities making their own space and how Akihabara changed to accommodate,…More

BONUS – Anime Roundtable #50: Minna no motome o kotaeru ga….

Mike dropped his jaw and had to pick it up while listening to this again. But here it is, as good as it’ll get, all of what was recorded for the now infamous episode #50. Along with an intro and further thoughts from Mike nine months later. We didn’t get all of it, but you’ll…More

Final Reminder: Japan Foundation Anime Lectures

Just a quick reminder that the lectures entitled, Anime and Contemporary Japanese Society goes on tomorrow evening at Ryerson University in downtown Toronto. This is being put on by the Japan Foundation Toronto. RSVP is recommended to guarantee a seat. Once again information can be seen here, and on Facebook here. Both Austin Brothers and…More

Happy Third Anniversary!!

It dawned upon me over the weekend that the actual anniversary of the show is today. It was three years ago tonight when myself, Neil, and James sat in a classroom in the Bethune building at York University, across from the school’s anime club hosting their weekly screening, and started to talk about stuff going…More